Clay Dooley Tire & Auto is not just any auto repair shop. We’re basically the superheroes of car repair, with unbeatable prices and over 100 years of expertise, you can rest assured your vehicle is in good hands with our Clay Dooley team.



We are committed to enhancing the career development of our team members and it is something we take very seriously. Our mission is to continue to create an environment where every employee is empowered to succeed. We are always looking for talented, driven, and motivated individuals to join our team.

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Whether you need a simple tune-up, new tires, or a complete engine overhaul, contact Clay Dooley Tire & Auto today! Our ASE-certified mechanics use the best diagnostic equipment to let you hit the road with confidence in all types of vehicles, including cars, SUVs, trucks, and fleet vehicles. At Clay Dooley Tire & Auto you can expect high-quality, guaranteed service at a fair price during every visit.


Clay Dooley was founded with the principles that good merchandise, fair prices and professional service were the key to a successful business.


Clay Dooley expands to their second location on 311 S. Neil Street in Champaign.

The Trower family transfers ownership of Clay Dooley to ISU alum Jeff Beasley. The single Vernon Avenue location undergoes renovations with a new, modern showroom and updated service bays.

Clay Dooley closes 307 Grove St. location and consolidates business into single location at 1507 E. Vernon Avenue in Normal.

Following the death of their father in 1995, the Trower family takes over Clay Dooley operations.

The Clay Dooley downtown location moves again from 210-216 W. Grove Street to 207 S. Gridley/307 E. Grove Street and stops selling appliances.

The second Clay Dooley location, a full-service auto center, opens at 1507 E. Vernon Avenue in Bloomington.

Trower family takes ownership of Clay Dooley.

Clay Dooley passes away at age 74 and George Davis (part of the company since 1936) becomes partner (and remains in that capacity until his death in December 1979).

Vernon Trower, looking for a full-time job at age 20, joins Clay Dooley and eventually becomes partner in 1965.

Clay Dooley offered customers the opportunity to be the first to reserve new tires if they no longer became rationed due to the war.

Clay Dooley gets into the appliance business – Because of the rubber shortage during WWII, the company started selling small appliances – which they would do until the 1980s when big box stores took over retail.

Clay Dooley ‘The Tire Man’ moves to the 200 block (210-214) of West Front Street in Bloomington.

Clay Dooley ‘The Tire Man’ first opens on July 4th in the 300 block of West Washington Street in Downtown Bloomington, Illinois. Clay Dooley borrowed $500 from the old Corn Belt Bank and opened shop.


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